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Recently in our visit in Bali Indonesia we got to stay specifically in Semanyak area, they say the place is the center of entertainment and where the top notch places are. One place where all locals always say to try out is the Potato Head Beach Club.

Armed with curiosity we dedicated a day to spend in the place. The venue is like a coliseum where the elliptical outer shell is made of assembled old 18th century windows specifically called “Teak Windows Shutters”, collected all over Indonesia.

The different colors and untouched windows assembled into the elliptical gives the unique vibrancy and atmosphere of premium in the area. Of course this is also an Instagram worthy place cause of it’s one of a kind beauty.

Upon entrance of the venue just remember not to bring any drinks from outside as they will confiscate any food or beverage which is not from the venue. Welcoming you upon entrance is the magnificent view of the beach and a spacious greenery fused with modern industrial design.

On the left side is the Lilin Indonesian restaurant while on the right side is the international cuisine restaurant. We tried out first the Lilin Local restaurant as apparently the international side is always full considering that our date of visit is not even peak season.

In the Lilin International Restaurant, the place is composed of three long tables which is divided for every 8 people (four on each side). So if the place is full, expect to have company in your side which is not a matter to worry as for sure people are always friendly to talk to.

The style of ordering is by set of meals served they have a minimum of four sharing meals to five and six sharing plates.
Prices are as follows

Upper Left to Right : Crispy Chicken Wings, Coconut Noodle Soup, Asian Roasted Beef Carpaccio and Shredded spring chicken.

Serving Each dish certainly doesn’t disappoint. Starting with the Crispy Chicken Wings it’s outer skin is crispy while maintaining a stuffed minced prawn in the inside. The mixture of seafood prawn stuffing and crispy chicken meat goes well together to give a non-spicy  but flavor rich taste. An optional honey chili sauce is also served to give an additional kick to the dish.

The Coconut noodle soup is very much Asian, similar to a base taste of Laksa soup but without any spicy taste. The coconut base gives it a well balanced delivery which is very much appreciated, it can compliment any other dishes in the serving.

The Asian Roasted Beef Carpaccio is certainly a tongue twister, delivered with a hint of mint and chili lime the raw beef slices gives an alive sensation due to the spicy and aromatic hint of mint. Perhaps the taste defers to each person, but we think that 70% of people would like the combination.

Lastly is the Shredded spring chicken, with a hint of kick of spice because of the chili infused shreds it gives a spicy entrance in taste but will immediately goes down cause of the coconut oil used to balance the taste.

For desert we had the following

Caramelized Fermented Cassava Fritters

It may look like the Philippine Turon but this Casava is really soft in the inside while having a hard shell of caramel outside. Paired with the strawberry and vanilla ice cream gives the hot and cold sensation fusion while at the same time the vanilla + kick of strawberry and sweet caramel is heaven in your taste-buds.

Lychee Panna Cotta with Orange Sorbet

Usually Panna Cotta is served as one whole, but this one is different. On a cocktail glass is the panna cotta sliced along with orange slice and sorbet. The sweet panna cotta along with the kick of orange is invigorating while the ice cream ends it on a sweet sensation.

On the afternoon, we have spent the whole day in the lounge where you get a 4 or 2 seater lounge for a minimum purchase of 500,000 IDR (1,750 Pesos). This includes purchases from the International Restaurant, Drinks and other amenities.  You also get a towel in your seat, should you decide to dive into the pool or into the beach.

In the international menu, we tried mostly are snacks to compliment the afternoon. We got the “Papua mangrove soft shell crab steam buns, cucumber, spring onion, coriander, wasabi and chili jam” which is the best seller they say. In three pieces the interesting soft shell crab is crunchy and flavorful paired with the steam buns makes it a sandwich. A choice of chili jam or wasabi base dressing is available to have you choice of spice.

View from our cabana at the left most of the venue

Aside from swimming and chilling. The best thing to do is to wait for the sunset, given your view of the place you have a photo worthy sunset to surely share. Unfortunately in our visit it was raining so the clouds ruined the sunset.

Unfortunately no sunset due to many clouds and recent rainfall.

At night the place transforms into a more drinking lounge, the music changes from relaxing Ibiza beach vibe to a more modern style ambiance.

Overall we enjoyed our stay in Potato Head Beach Club, relaxing with the beach view and enjoying delicious food is the best combination. Just remember these tips to make your stay more memorable

That’s is about it! Make sure to visit Potato Head Beach Club if you happen to visit Bali. The staffs there are very hospitable, fluent in English and everyone is more than welcome to greet you with a smile.



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