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There’s one more reason for you to get a Sony PS 4 as Sony has just announced the availability and pre-order campaign of the much-awaited Final Fantasy Type-0 for the Sony PS4. The English version of the game is set to be released come March 17 with pre-orders available in authorized dealers starting February 25 and will be having an SRP of PHP 2,999. Pre-ordering nets you a limited edition steel-book casing of the game and will also include a demo of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is an action-RPG that was exclusively released in Japan last October 2011 and originally began as a Sony PSP-exclusive title. Despite the immense popularity in the land of the rising sun, the game never saw western shores, prompting english-speaking gamers to play fan-translated, bootlegged copies of the game.  Square might have decided that the time is right to release it as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, making it a stepping stone, hyping their upcoming AAA title, Final Fantasy XV.

One can pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in the following authorized dealers: GameLine, Game Gizmo, iTech, Game One Gadget, Gamextreme, and the Sony Concept Store in SM Megamall.

Now this is a steelbook casing worthy of display!

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