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The Apple Watch has already been released and updated these couple of months. And now that they have arrived here in The Philippines, the golden question is now appearing all over the social media – should you buy it? Well, we haven’t reviewed the product YET but we’re going to list down the pros and cons to help you out.

Let’s start with the pros:

  1. You’ll look cool – Obviously. In the world where Android wearables are already in the market, people from the Apple ecosystem have long waited for them to take the stage and wear the Apple Watch. It will finally be your time to shine and brag about the wearable that perfectly syncs with your iPhone.
  2. You’ll have your own health coach – The Apple Watch is made with health in mind. Apple made it clear that their wearable will motivate you to be fit and healthy as it will help you by monitoring your movements and constantly advice you to move once in a while.
  3. You’ll never miss a notification – The main purpose of every wearable is to tell you notifications on your phone so you won’t have the need to get it out of your pocket. We are still unsure whether it really save some time. But still, it gets the job done.
  4. Stylish points! – Ever wonder why the Apple Watch is expensive? Well, it’s because they are also being marketed as a fashion accessory. Although it’s unclear if the device itself looks actually good but there are bands that looks very elegant and eye-catching which can make you popular and also a target of evil snatchers here in The Philippines.
  5. It can help you focus – The Apple Watch is also good in helping you focus because it wants you to not use your phone to avoid procrastinating; a few taps on the Apple Watch could eliminate some of the unimportant email and text, all for you to focus on what you’re actually doing.

…those were nice, but here are the cons:

  1. It’s the first wearable of Apple – Everyone knows that all first iterations of devices would be flawed and the Apple Watch is not an exception. News are everywhere with the Watch’s limited battery, a bit laggy performance and the design is not very popular. Apple can still fix this in the next version.
  2. Maybe you don’t care about fitness – Not everyone are really that in to health and fitness tracking gimmicks. If you take out those features that is related to health monitoring, the Apple Watch’s price tag is not that really convincing.
  3. Horrible performance – When Apple first revealed that the apps on the watch will only be streamed through the iPhone and not the wearable itself, they are actually telling us that this device will really be slow. They may have improved it a little bit with the WatchOS 2, but there’s still a long way to go.
  4. It’s overly priced – Face it, Apple is really overpriced and they will not change anything with the Apple Watch. It’s not really convincing to pay huge chunks of cash for you just to check your wrist instead of taking out your actual phone.

So there you have it. Are you solved with the advantages of the Apple Watch? or vice-versa? Let us know in the comments section below.



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