PS4 2.50 Update Arrives Today – Hungry Geeks

Sony announced it. The PlayStation 4 software update 2.50 named as Yukimura, will be available for download today.

It’s a huge update, with a number of features that includes verified accounts for games industry professionals, and a new “Suspend and Resume” mode that allows you to save the state of your PS4 so you can put it into rest mode and immediately pick up to the same exact spot where you left off.

In addition, Yukimura will also enable users to back-up their hard disk to an external drive and restore it from there, similar to Apple’s Time Machine feature. This means that your settings, data, videos, and games will be more secured and will be easily accessible.

Playing with other gamers has also been a lot more easier. There will be a feature called “Friends Who Play This” that will appear on the game’s page, showing people that you know who have that same title and if they are currently online so you will know if you can play with them.

The updates add new accessibility options, including large text and increased contrast. The PS Vita upgrade is required to unlock 60fps Remote Play.

Yukimura will install automatically anytime today.

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