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Never played Bloodborne? Well, here’s a good news for you! Sony has just announced that they will release a packaged edition that includes the critically-acclaimed Bloodborne, together with the upcoming expansion pack, “The Old Hunters”. This announcement coincides with Sony’s proud announcement of the game selling over 2 million copies worldwide.

For those not in the know, Bloodborne is a PS4-exclusive title that follows the footsteps of the harsh and cruel game mechanics employed in Dark Souls and Demon Souls. It is set in a Victorian/Gothic city that suffers from a plague that turns people into primal beasts. The story is again as vague as it should be, challenging players to piece together the clues and get more questions in return.

Thankfully, Sony has appended a Q&A sheet for those looking forward to this edition, saving me the horror of revisiting my memories of the game. Check it out below:

Q&A regarding the Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

Q: What kind of content is included with the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion?
A: The Old Hunters expansion depicts a nightmare world where the old hunters are captured. It includes new areas, weapons, mysteries, items, and costumes.

Q: Can you play the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion without having the original Bloodborne game?
A: No. You will not be able to play without the original Bloodborne game.

Q: Can users who have installed the expansion interact online with other players who have not?
A: Just as it is now, all players will be able to interact online in the areas from the original game. Online interaction in the expansion’s additional areas will only be possible among players who have the expansion installed.

Q: How do you access the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion?
A: Once you reach a certain point in Bloodborne, the item, “Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter” appears in the Hunter’s Dream. Once you have acquired this item, you will be able to access the newly added areas in the expansion.

Q:Can you use the save data from a cleared game of Bloodborne?
A: Yes. Also, if you are replaying the game and progress to a certain point, you will be able to access the newly added areas in the expansion once you acquire the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter.

Q: Will there be trophies added in the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion?
A: Yes, trophies will be added.

Q: Will you not be able to complete the story if you do not play the added content from the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion?
A. No. You can still get to the ending without playing the new content in the expansion.

Product Outline

Product name Bloodborne The Old Hunters Edition
Release date November 25th, 2015
Platforms PlayStation®4
SRP PHP 2,099
Language Voice: English
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, English

November 25 is next week and I guess it’s high time to dig deeper into that wallet of your. Man, the games these past few months are nothing less than spectacular.



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