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As much as the new update is concerned, Dota 2 is surpassing Dota 1 in terms of updates and new releases. But along with the new items, item and character updates; the new international compendium 2015 has now been released and the rewards looks great.

For 2014 Compendium, the cash price and total community added goal reached the 10,900,000USD++ mark. Rewards included an arcana pack for Phantom Assassin that even included an event, mini pudge couriers, new environment packs, the reworked model for Faceless Void was also included, and the new Mega Creeps model for all players.

This year however, The International is targeting 15,000,000USD. A feat that, which meant, will be the largest prize pool any gaming tournament could have attained. (Top 3 includes all Dota 2 tournament, #1 International 2014; #2 DAC 2015; #3 The International 2013); and for just a day, it already is on the 3,000,000USD mark. Amazing, the rewards include compendium coins, a new cursor pack, the public voting for the the International All Star games, and immortal treasure boxes. Meeting other goals for The International 2015 will give you the gamers a new Aracana pick(attained at 3.5M USD mark); additional loading screens; a Dota 2 short film contest; Wyvern Hatchling courier; a dessert terrain environment; weather effect; and an Axe comic at 15M USD mark.

For leveling rewards, Almond the Frondillo will be recieved at level 50 and will be available for some heroes only; while the alternate style of this pet will be recieved at level 125. Spectator item drops will also be available, whether or not your are watching the games live. Immortal treasure chests are also available once certain levels are meant.

In any case, the basic Compendium costs 9.99USD or 450Php. While the Level 50 Compendium which includes more items at a faster pace but will set you back at 26.99USD or around 1215Php.

If you no way of buying straight from Steam, you may check out Techzilla Internet Cafe, they could sell you the basic and the Level 50 Compendium and gift it to you as soon as possible. At any rate, compendiums are quite expensive but are really worth the buy if you are a Dota 2 fan in general. For just a few bucks, you get a lot of items and effects that normal non-compendium users will not be able to use. It makes you cooler in-game, but in the end it would not really affect any real life application.

If you need more information about compendium rewards, you may check it out here. 



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