RAPOO VPRO offers gaming keyboard and mouse for as low as $20!

    APOO is an accessory brand that offers various headsets, mouse and keyboards to the general public. Expanding their lineup in the Philippines, they just introduced their VPRO gaming lineup for an enthusiast and a change to get a pie of the ever growing gaming market.

    RAPOO is also using their own mechanical switches, this ensures optimum supply of their materials and can meet supply. As compared to other manufacturers that rely on other brands like Cherry keys to provide mechanical switches, the only downside to this is the lack of branding for RAPOO’s switches.

    One interesting product they introduced is the V51S RGB Keyboard

    This keyboard is an RGB lighted with a constant theme of breathing mode, unfortunately, it cannot be configured but still remarkable for its price. The V51S retails for Php1,265.00 which uses a membrane key but with modifications to make it feel like mechanical. To be honest, we were honestly fooled at first until we pulled out the key and saw a membrane structure.

    But the overall feel is definitely like a mechanical keyboard with the lack for certain height and the much quicker bounce we regularly feel. But still, for Php1,265.00 pesos, looks like Rapoo / VPro has a winning product here.

    Next is this V500S Crystal mechanical keyboard is using a true mechanical keyboard, it has anti-ghosting and even has an aluminum alloy surface cover. The while LEDs are adjustable in brightness and has a cute responsive method when pressed. This one retails for Php2,110.00

    For the mouse division, we got interested with the V25S which is an RGB decorated mouse with entry level optical responsiveness. It has onboard memory for save and play, adjustable DPIs and a decent cable.

    The V25S retails for Php1,245.00. If you don’t like the circular finish patern, they also have an alternative of a cleaner one for the same price. This one is called the V280 have the same specifications as the V25S.

    Interestingly, Rapoo also have productive type mouses for office and home. One thing that caught our eyes is the MT750 which is a replica-like of the Logitech MX Master. No pricing is announced yet and official specs are still vague, the unit on display didn’t even have a dongle to try on.

    Expected SRP is around $60 or Php3,000. If this is priced at that level, then we will have an alternative to the expensive MX Master but still have the bluetooth + dongle combo functionality.

    For more prices and details of the Rapoo products, check this brochure out.

    Keyboard Prices

    • V51S RGB – PHP 1,265
    • V500L – PHP 2,690
    • V500S Crystal – PHP 2,110
    • V500S AL – PHP 2,020
    • V510 – PHP 2,690
    • V500 RGB AL – PHP 2,690
    • V700 RGB AL – PHP 3,365
    • V720S – PHP 4,540
    • V810 – PHP 6,730

    Mouse Prices

    • V25S – PHP 1,245
    • V280 – PHP 1,245
    • V26 – PHP 1,095
    • V310 – PHP 2,190

    Headphone Prices

    • VH200 – PHP 1,515
    • VH600 – PHP 2,945

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