Razer completes acquisition of Ouya – Hungry Geeks

Gaming accessory giant Razer has acquired Android game console maker Ouya.

Ouya which was the first company to launch a video game micro-console under the Google Android software was able to launch a successful crowdfunding sourced 100USD system back in 2012 through Kickstarter, it was launched on 2013 with specs a bit out-dated and games were a tad limited. In the following the year after the launch, it had already made some enemies for market share which included Nvidia’s Shield, and Razer’s Forge TV.

Razer’s Forge TV was a sub par product earning mediorcre reviews, Ouya on the other hand was created a better buzz getting a larger market when it was launched. But with this acquisition, will we be seeing a good Razer console too? Are they gonna be fighting off Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in the console market?



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