Razer may be working in releasing a smartphone for gamers | Hungry Geeks | Latest news

Razer pledged that Nexbit would operate as an independent division when the gaming brand acquired the smartphone manufacturer. In a report from Bloomberg suggests that Nextbit will be working on a mobile device for hardcore gamers.

Sources did not say anything specific about the device; however, since Razer is a well-known computer peripherals and laptop brand, the brand may be releasing a high-end smartphone or something akin to NVIDIA’s SHIELD.  If we’re going to look at Razer’s current lineup of peripherals and devices, its rumored mobile device could be decked out with RGB. Not that we’re complaining.

With a value of between USD 3 – 5 billion, Razer would probably enter the mobile device market sometime soon as it is a growing sect of the gaming market. With games such as Mobile Legends becoming more famous every day, Razer is missing out a lot of revenue in peripherals and even mobile systems.



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