Realme extends warranty for devices in the Philippines

    Since people are locked in their homes due to the enhanced community quarantine, Realme is announcing that they will be extending their warranty for participating devices.

    All Realme service centers are temporarily closed due to the enhanced community quarantine. Due to this, Realme is extending the warranty of purchased devices consisting of the following:

    • Realme devices with warranty expiring during the lockdown will be provided an additional 7 working days from the date of when the lockdown is lifted.
    • Realme devices with defect after purchase and the replacement period falls during the lockdown will have additional 3 working days from the date of lifting the lockdown.
    • The aforementioned extended warranty must still comply with the standard warranty policy and it does not cover physical or liquid damage.
    • Working days are based on the service center working days. Realme service centers are closed during Tuesday while Davao and Palawan service centers are closed on Sunday.

    Realme has provided a list of service centers nationwide. If you have any questions about the warranty of your smartphone, you can send them a private message via their official Facebook page.


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