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It’s that time of the year again. Apple’s new iPhones are finally out and the most important question is now roaming around the internet – Should you buy the brand new iPhone 6S?

I’ve got to be honest, there are a lot improvements that were made and a good number of enhancements on the specifications (check the initial review here). But let’s go to the other side of the spectrum and talk about the cons and why you should not buy the iPhone 6S.

There’s still a 16GB model

With the new features of Live Photos and 4K video recording, the 16GB model has got to be removed. Just imagine recording for only 1-minute of 4K, your phone will already alert you that the storage is full.

Everyone knows that the 16GB model is Apple’s marketing strategy for you to buy the 64GB model and Apple should already be removing that 16GB variant. We are not dumb as Apple think.

It looks the same

Contrary to the “S” series always making their phones slightly thinner and lighter, the iPhone 6S is thicker and heavier. Although it’s for the better of the phone because it now uses a 7000 series Aluminum to avoid it bending, it’s not how an upgrade is supposed to be.

Not everyone is going to agree with this one, but this has got to be noted. If you’re going to upgrade your phone, it is most likely because it is thinner and lighter, not the other way around.

Also, the phone looks the same. How can you brag about a brand new phone if it looks just the same as last year’s? We already know that Apple has the knack of little changes on the “S” series, but the 6S has no redesign at all expect for that “S” badge at the back.

It has a smaller battery

If you think that the reason why the iPhone 6S is thicker and heavier is because it has more battery for longer use. NOPE. The battery has gone smaller to make room for the new 3D touch display and the larger taptic engine. It pretty much has the same battery life of last year’s model. Nice upgrade there, Apple.

Same old resolution

2015 is the year of 4K resolution on mobile phones but Apple is still braving the year 2012. Almost every flagship phones of major companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony has upgraded their displays to near 4K. The iPhone still has a 720p display – not even 1080p and still the same as the last year’s model.

Although the display of the iPhone is still good and pleasing to the eye, we customers still want a good number in the spec sheets when we compare it to other phones.

The 3D Touch is still a baby

The 3D touch is the most highlighted feature of the new iPhone 6S. It works just like the force touch enabling a new layer of interactions to the phone.

I’ve got to admit, 3D touch is a really cool feature and is revolutionary. The thing is, it’s not a game-changer just yet. It just lets you save a little bit of seconds on the things that you’re going to do.

It has a lot of potential, but right now Apple only has this working on their native apps along with other apps like Dropbox and Shazam. So right now, it’s not that really important just yet.


So there you have it, the 5 reasons for you not to buy the iPhone 6S. If you don’t mind these reasons and have that cash of buying a new one, go ahead, we won’t force you. You might want to read our review on the iPhone 6S first.



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