RED announces Hydrogen One, first phone with holographic display

    RED is known for their high-end cameras for both video and photography. They are now dipping their toes on the smartphone market with their Android smartphone with a holographic display, the RED Hydrogen One.

    As the company explains, the RED Hydrogen One is the world’s first holographic smartphone. At the front is a 5.7-inch hydrogen holographic display that can show traditional content, stereo 3D, AR, VR, MR, and holographic multi-view content.

    Of course, the RED Hydrogen One also supports RED Hydrogen 4-View (H4V) content, which uses a proprietary H30 algorithm to convert stereo sound to multi-dimensional audio.

    The RED Hydrogen One is also expected to be modular. Developed with a new high-speed data bus for a modular component system, it seems that they aim to take on Motorola’s Moto Mods. As of now, the only official specs of the Hydrogen One is an expandable microSD card slot, a USB Type-C cable and charger, and a “special token” for all who will pre-order. You can pre-order the smartphone here with a price of USD 1,195 for the aluminum model and USD 1,595 for the titanium model. RED is current aiming to ship the Hydrogen One on Q1 2018.

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