Relive your Instagram moments every month with 30DaysPics – Hungry Geeks

Remember last year’s #2015BestNine collages that took Instagram by storm? Well, the developers who made that idea possible has created a new website called 30DaysPics that will create a video of your best Instagram posts at the end of each month.

Using it is fairly easy, all you need is to input your (or someone else’s) Instagram username then the website itself creates a short 10-second video collage of the pictures which you can share through Facebook and/or Twitter. A quick heads-up, you can’t share directly to Instagram because of their tight API so you’ll need to download the video, save it to your phone and upload it on the app itself.

You can email the video to yourself and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for you to receive it.

Here’s a sample.

Currently, you can only get a video of the past 30 days, but the developers stated that you’ll soon be able to manually select what month or date range you’d like to get a video from.

Once you made your first video and emailed it to yourself, you’ll automatically receive your video every month which is kinda cool and surprising depending on how often you post your Instagram pictures.



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