Cubix is Cherry Mobile’s online-only sub brand. Launched mid this year, the original Cubix Cube was affordable yet usable in a day-to-day life. Sporting a 5″ HD display with 2GB of RAM and 2000mAH and priced only at 4,490Php, the Cubix Cube was one hell of an entry-level smart phone.

Entering the fourth quarter, with Cubix Cube performing great on the market; Cherry Mobile introduced a follow-up with the Cubix Cube 2. At the almost the same price point of 4,999Php; the Cubix Cube 2 is a huge upgrade compared to the original iteration. We are not only talking about specification-wise but as well as in the aesthetics division.

Design and Construction

Cubix Cube 1

With a 5.7″ Full HD screen, this phone is significantly larger than the original Cube, it has premium looking metal sides while the top and bottom being plastic. We were also waiting for a fake 5.7″ inch screen with the home bottons on top of the screen; but to our surprised, the trio buttons are located on the bezel at the bottom part of the phone. The whole screen is technically for your usage. Basically the whole screen part of the phone is usable. The ear speakers is located on top together with the 8MP front camera.

Cubix Cube 2

Moving to the back part of the phone, the 13MP rear camera is prominently seen. Two rear speakers are also located on the top and bottom part while a two copper pins are strangely located on the back. The two copper pins was supposedly be for a back case for a wireless charging dock. Unfortunately, we have not seen the back case and charging dock being sold locally. So for now, it is conveniently positioned for future use… maybe? The back is made out of of glossy black plastic. The beauty is it gives of a glass material illusion, making it look more premium than other phones priced at the same value.

Cubix Cube 3

Moving to the right side of the phone. The volume rack, power button, sim slots (2) and the USB charging ports are all conveniently located here. My only problem is the USB charging port; being located on this side, and me being a right handed, it is hard to use the phone while it is charging.

Cubix Cube 4

On the right side, the 3.5mm audio port which is covered by a circular metal thing; which amazingly doubles as your SIM card pin.

Audio and Multimedia

Audio… Meh… For my personal taste this has one of the worst audio performance. Bass is is to weak, and treble is like listening to cats crying. The two rear back speakers were supposed to be powerful to spark a party but it did not lived to my expectations. At full volume, the phone does not deliver, with the back rattling and the whole plastic frame vibrating, I can’t recommend this phone as your party driver. Get a decent and cheap bluetooth speaker, it will be a whole lot better experience than listening to the Cubix Cube 2.

When your deaf or audio is just not one of your strongest factors for a phone, then you will love what they did. With a 5.7″ screen at FHD, this might be one of the most affordable phones you could get with a great screen like this one. Colors are popping out right, and unlike other Cherry Mobile phones at this price point, it has correct colors and white balance you could look at the whole day.

Camera and Sample Photos

The 13MP rear camera is Cubix gift to all mobile photographer, apart from the high spec’d camera, it also comes with features such as HDR, Panoramic, Multi-angle shots, Motion Track Mode, and a time lapse configuration. Exposure, can also be adjusted.

Check out a few objects we snapped on with the 13MP rear camera below.

IMG_20151224_143952 IMG_20151224_143642 IMG_20151224_143720 IMG_20151224_143755 IMG_20151224_143816 IMG_20151224_143915

The front camera boasts of 8MP, so video calling or taking a selfie will still be crystal clear. Take note, again the Cubix Cube 2 is only priced at 4,999Php – and you have here flagship contender camera specifications.


This one is an important factor: 3,500mAH of battery. Although, designed to be non-removable, the 3,500mAH of battery could last you a day of use before charging. Of course it still depends on your usage. But a 3,500mAH phone is hard to come by at this price point.


In the end, the Cubix Cube 2 is a great budget phone the concentrates mainly on external specifications – by external I mean the 18MP and 8MP rear and front camera, the 5.7″ FHD screen, and the 3,500 battery. The internal specifications are not that bad as well. You got 2GB ROM, plus 16GB of internal memory. Again, no expandable memory for this unit, 1.7GHz Octa core.

Using the phone, I had some issues with the Youtube crashing and the phone hangs, but this might be a isolated problem. Another issue I encounterd is the Cherry Mobile e-Warranty. It’s a good thing that Cherry Mobile is pushing their warranty service, but the problem is this phone forces me to register, logged into the internet and pay 2.50Php for the e-warranty.

Nonetheless, this one is a great phone with a great price tag along with it.

Cubix Cube 2 is priced at 4,999Php. It is exclusively sold on Lazada here.