What is the right router for you? – Tips to know what to buy

    So we recently got our fiber internet connection and it’s just fantastic that the download and upload speeds are now symmetrical. This allows for more users to connect to our network and multi-task different applications at the same time, even my parents were happy of the no-delay video chat from relatives abroad.

    But our main problem is the router, the bundled one from our internet service provider is just…not good. PLDT Fibr provides this 802.11 n router which has decent speeds, but other features are very basic. It has 2xUSB ports but none of them are working for network storage or even wireless printing setup.

    So to complete our internet experience, we upgraded our current ASUS RT-AC66U router to the much faster RT-AC88U. It has a dual-band 802.11 n/ac connection for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz speeds, it can even connect to up to 8 LAN connections with Gigabit speeds.

    Since we’re on fiber internet, we recently got this ASUS RT-AC88U router for better gaming, internet and network experience.

    But what does that all mean? I know, explaining routers are hard and complicated. So check out this video we made to let you know which router to get.

    Got a better perspective now? Us too, to be honest, we were not that keen on network performance until we got to experience streaming, casting, local network storage and even gaming priority (Getting addicted to Overwatch and Dota 2).

    But the difference of a stock router to a dedicated one is big. It gives you more confidence about your network’s security, information and even assurance of who are connected to your network. Not to mention the significant jump in range when we upgraded, just make sure your phone is wireless ac as well.

    We will be doing a more in-depth review of the ASUS RT-AC88U soon, we will just review it a bit more with our recently installed fiber internet connection



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