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The ROG Strix Impact II arrives as the current iteration of ASUS’ widely-used ROG Strix Impact, a small compact gaming mouse that usually comes with their recent gaming laptops. But is the ROG Strix Impact 2 better and what does it offer that its older sibling cannot?

Looks and Appearances

First off, the looks and appearance of the ROG Strix Impact II.

Included in the whole package is the product itself, a warranty card, and a manual.

RGB Wonderland

The ROG Strix Impact II functions perfectly well with the ASUS ROG Armoury, a program that allows users to customize the looks and performance of ASUS ROG products. For this gaming mouse, not only can you change the LED color and the style with this program but you can also change the key bindings and DPI sensitivity there.

ASUS ROG Strix Impact vs ASUS ROG Strix Impact II

With the above images you can see the very apparent changes in terms of design. The ROG Strix Impact was designed during a time where “gaming mouse” means blocky and edgy. While the ROG Strix Impact II now has more curves and is a bit wider. The two new buttons at the side may have been an influence from its heavier and larger brother, the ROG Gladius (also a very great gaming mouse).

Performance and Feel

As with most peripherals, the enjoyment and comfort that can be had with gaming mice are subject to its user’s preferences and buyer’s remorse.

The feel of using the ROG Strix Impact 2 for a claw-type holder like me is admittedly great. Especially if you’re using a decent tabletop or mousepad, moving the mouse is buttery-smooth, just right and not smooth enough that it’ll just slide away. Clicking is also responsive and for me has good feedback and distance. If the switches that come with it isn’t your jam, you can open it up to change them without fearing for any warranty woes.

The two additional left buttons add more functionality to this mouse. By default, it becomes a quick button for moving to a previous or next page when using a browser. You can edit how they function using the ROG Armoury or via the in-game settings of the games that you play.

If you’ve been using the ROG Strix Impact, you’ll find that this latest iteration is lighter and more mobile, being only 79g. For those looking for a heavier mouse, this might not be something you should consider.

Programs and Gimmicks

To be able to enjoy the all of the features of the ROG Strix Impact II, you must first download and install the ROG Armoury II. The ROG Armoury II is the control hub for all of the latest ASUS ROG products that support ROG Aura, and this is the one-stop program where you can find of all the customization of your attached ROG peripherals.

While the program itself is simple to use, I did find it a bit finicky when it comes to having it run with a desktop Frankenstein (a.k.a. no brand loyalty) build.


The ROG Strix Impact 2 is a very decent mouse with lots to offer backed with modern style. It’s sleek, easy to use, and can be programmed to fit your needs. It can also be customized and can easily be fixed and installed with different switches. Note that it is small enough to be carried on the fly with your gaming laptop.

In terms of looks, the ROG Strix Impact II has that sleek yet subtle appearance. Not too gaudy, but not too simplistic that it can be ignored. The RGB helps as it can also provide you with good lighting if you’re playing inside a cave, or if you want to personalize your setup with your favorite color.

Impact II on the left, Impact on the right

One small gripe that I have is that I did find the placement of the DPI button a bit awkward. Having been used to it being behind the scroll button even with gaming mice from different brands. I found it difficult to change sensitivity on the fly as I usually have different presets when browsing the internet and playing video games. Aside from that, nothing else.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that you consider the ROG Strix Impact II when looking for a decent and dependable gaming mouse. I honestly thought that I would never need it since I was already at home with my current gaming mouse (a heavy Fantech X9 Thor), but I have been proven wrong upon using this one.

The ROG Strix Impact II is currently priced at PHP 2,130.

For the product page and full spec page, click here.

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