ROG Strix XG49V Gaming Monitor Review – Ultrawide + Ultrasmooth 144Hz

    Dual monitors are the thing to do multi-tasking and even do more immersive gaming. Hence our current setup right now in the Hungry Geeks Studio, where my monitor at the left is an ASUS 2K PG279 G-Sync Monitor and the on the right is a regular VX279H IPS Monitor.

    While this setup is still good, it results in several problems that even demands of a content creator encounter. Inconsistent colors due to two monitors with different calibration are challenging, and even different resolution resulting in some games needed to be in force full screen just to run using the G-Sync monitor.

    This setup at the same time isn’t ideal for streaming as OBS system window capture cannot capture the screen of the game since the resolution of the other screen isn’t the same as the one in the OBS. And the list of problems goes on, but you kinda get it.

    That’s why we personally requested ASUS to experience the ROG Strix XG49V monitor, their latest offering to provide a better solution for serious content creators by using just one monitor. This 49″ 32:9 ratio monitor is the same size as two 27″ screen monitors, all with better 144Hz Freesync2 HDR and even other enhancements.

    The 49″ curved VA panel display delivers outstanding performance with several certifications such as HDR, FreeSync2 HDR, DCI-P3 90% Professional Color gamut coverage and even DisplayHDR 400 certification. Not to mention an outstanding 144Hz refresh rate along with FreeSync2 HDR for zero splittings of display pixels.

    The 49″ display is indeed colossal as one piece and can replace two pieces of 27″ monitors. It’s indeed heavy and we suggest you get help assembling it, especially when screwing the screws at the back and at the bottom base stand.

    ASUS though of even the back panel to be discreetly covered to avoid losing aesthetics, everything about this monitor is well thought of. The stand is also tiltable and can be adjusted in height for added comfort depending on your chair, so no problem if you want to place items beneath such as speakers or even controllers.

    At the back are the ports for the monitor has its own cover for ports placement and the stand has its cable management port for easy and clean cables.


    Even the interface isn’t cheaped out unlike other gaming monitor brands, we like how ASUS uses a joystick style controller to navigate and just two other buttons to further go down the menu. Some unique feature we like is the GameVisual mode that selects what kind of game are you playing and adapts to its, and also the Display Alignment to check how many windows can you fit in.

    Overall the user interface might need some tweaking but nothing you can’t handle as a gamer. The FPS counter is handy but we think its too big a little bit unnecessary, while the FPS Crosshair mode is nice, but we wish the crosshair can be better in design.


    This is a screenshot of my stream playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 with the game at the middle, streamOBS at the right and the blog at the left. Three windows can fit nicely without any sacrifice in size among them and it’s something you can’t do with a dual monitor setup.

    This isn’t possible with a dual-monitor setup, but we wish Windows 10 can natively adjust the windows when it detects a monitor this wide as the auto-window lock isn’t helpful since it’s only designed for 2 windows at the same time.

    What I like about this setup is that the games aren’t affected by the multiple resolutions while running OBS. Before to run Megaman X4 while streaming, the window will suddenly jump to another place due to the adjustment in the resolution of one is 2k and one is 1080p.

    Along with the curved view and outstanding display, there isn’t any worry of games unable to cope up with your demand. Considering you have a good gaming setup already, then its no problem to buy this monitor. Plus, once you experience 144Hz, we surely think you won’t go back to the normal 60Hz monitor anymore.

    One feature I wasn’t able to do was the picture by picture where multiple sources can activate at the same time. Making it 3pcs of Full HD display, while this might become handy for laptop warriors at work and desktop at home, our situation is kinda limited since we need a bigger table to put the laptop into a safer placement, rather than at the edge of our table and risk dropping it.

    Overall the height adjustment and tilting option are also god-sent for moments you want to change your chair’s position, it’s really handy in times that you simply need to step back a bit and see with a less direct view.


    It’s no joke to invest on a monitor such as this one, but the ROG Strix XG49V won’t surely disappoint despite its price point of Php65,520. You’re getting a future proof, single monitor that is ultrasmooth and ultrawide.

    Gaming with work, streaming, or simply getting the best ultrawide monitor in the industry right now, we surely recommend the XG49V to be a serious monitor for your PC enthusiasm.


    • Ultra Smooth Display
    • HDR content is spot-on
    • Color Accuracy is great
    • Picture by Picture is handly for Laptop / Desktop Warriors
    • No need for dual monitors
    • Height adjustable and tiltable


    • You will need a bigger table

    Aside from us requiring a much bigger table for this beast, the XG49V literally solved the 2019 problems of anyone who needs a display that can consolidate their work, gaming, and even streaming problems. This is a definite-must investment for serious investment especially game streamers.

    That’s why we award the ROG Strix XG49V our seal of approval as a 100% satisfying Premium Monitor.

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