Rome: Total War to be Released on the iPad – Hungry Geeks

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We’re in a time when our favorite games from the past get to be recycled in a more convenient medium. Either that or with more bling. Surprisingly, the grand strategy game, Rome: Total War is getting the mobile treatment.

Check out the video and some images here.

Rome: Total War was released 13 years ago and has been hailed as one of the best strategy games of all time. It gave the player command over the fledgling Roman Republic until it becomes the regional Imperial superpower in antiquity. At that time, it was a technical marvel due to its impressive soundtrack, large-scale battles, and appealing take on 4X strategy.

The award-winning game from 2003 is being developed by the veterans at Feral Interactive, a company known for developing MAC and Linux ports of popular games. However, their track record includes a broken mess of a beloved classic, Bioshock, for the Apple iPad. Is this going to be their chance for redemption? We’ll have to wait for some vague Autumn release date to know. We just hope that includes the full game without some of the factions being held off as DLC.




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