Last Thursday, Runtastic, the world’s largest wearable brand and a leader in the digital health and fitness has now arrived in the Philippines. They held an event in F1 Hotel where they released three of their fitness gears for all of you enthusiast: The smartband Orbit, the GPS watch, and the body analysis scale Libra. All of these items are exclusive only to Lazada.

The Orbit may look like an ordinary typical fitness smartband but promises a lot more. It tracks how much calories you have burned, counts your everyday steps, how long you are active and idle, counts the number of hours of sleep, and even tracks your happiness mood.

For those who are more serious on fitness, the Runtastic GPS watch is for you. It comes with a GPS receiver that determines where you are going so you will acquire a more detailed information on your location, perfect for those who participates on triathlons. What’s more impressive is that the battery can last long up to 6 months and almost a whole day when the GPS is on.

The Libra, however, is a smart weighing scale that is connected to your smartphone. It can measure your body weight, calculate your body fat and calories, sets up a weight goal to keep you motivated, determine your muscle mass, BMI, water content, and bone mass. The Libra is also suited for the whole family as up to 8 people can be detected automatically.




Runtastic apps can be downloaded from the Apple store and Google Play store. You can purchase any of the Runtastic items with ease and convenience by online shopping through Lazada. For more information, you can visit their Lazada page here.