Samsung brings The Frame TVs into PH | News and Reviews

With most films and series nowadays becoming more and more beautiful, Samsung is upping the viewing experience with The Frame. Meant to be a visual masterpiece whether in your home or in a gallery, The Frame reinvents the TV form factor into the 21st century.

Available in three different sizes, The Frame functions as a TV when turned on and projects itself as art when it’s off. Samsung is integrating their QLED technology to bring better overall watching experience to The Frame.

The Frame comes with the Art Store platform with a one-month free trial to allow you to curate a personal art collection from top galleries around the world and bring them directly into your living room. The full subscription of the Art Store gets you unlimited access to 1,200 classic and contemporary artworks and photography from 36 galleries in 18 countries.

Royal Collection Trust, Art Space, Saatchi Art, and Luimas are just some of the major gallery partners of Samsung in bringing classic and modern art into your home.

With Auto Curation, The Frame can also serve as a personal art agent, learning one’s style and taste. It would recommend art that they would love to see inside your home. Artists and photographers can also choose their favorite works and curate your own gallery.

The Frame has been designed to look like a picture frame to elevate your space. It also comes with interchangeable accessory bezels to match the style or reflect the mood of your interior.

In addition to its frame, it has a no-gape wall mount that allows it to blend from any angle. It can also be installed to sit flush against the wall to hang like a real framed gallery piece. A separate studio stand can also be had to allow it to be placed anywhere in the house depending on your taste.

The Frame will be available in three models:

These models are now available in Samsung Authorized Dealer stores. Additional accessories for The Frame can be purchased via the Samsung online store. You can see more information about The Frame via Samsung’s website.

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