A PC is defined based on the built and its accessories, that’s why most PCs today that is designed for gaming are stuck into the perspective of just powerful and great for playing games. But for some, we need to mix both gaming and profession into one PC. Power is no problem but a monitor that can do both is tricky.

That’s why we were glad that Samsung Philippines just launched their CFG70 Curved Gaming monitors in the Philippines. These monitors feature the latest Quantum Dot technology in a curved monitor profile, making it a flexible monitor for gamers with its fast refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology.

The unit we had was the 27-inch model Full HD resolution monitor, it features a very interesting quantum dot technology which enables up to 125% more sRGB colors than usual monitors.

Aside from this, the viewing angle isn’t a problem because of the proper curved shape and use of TN panel instead of the traditional IPS panel. This results in faster screen response rate to 1ms and even zero backlight bleeding due to its proper implementation.

Ultimately, we used the CFG70 with both NVIDIA and AMD based graphics card, while details are both top-notch…we weren’t able to maximize the AMD FreeSync technology as the arsenal of AMD based graphics card in the Philippines isn’t that competitive as compared to the 10 series graphics from NVIDIA.

But games are smooth, colors are outstanding and brightness is good. Just take note that the brightness isn’t adjustable when the AMD FreeSync technology is enabled…so be aware especially if you like to work in dark conditions.

Controls are rather easy with a 4 axis joystick with button access, you can simply navigate through the interactive gaming-inspired controls. The clean light blue and yellow highlights are nice touches for additional gaming feel.

Additionally, the CFG70 features a dual-hinged arm for better alignment into your table. You can adjust upwards, tilt and even pan from left to right. This gives the CFG70 a huge advantage especially if you are like us who likes to share the monitor when explaining something to a friend or workmate.

A cable path is also provided to avoid clutter in the area. We think it’s neat, especially if your PC is located underneath the table. In our case, we were just glad that our cables for the display port, HDMI and audio aren’t too much exposed around.

Quick-access shortcuts are available via the lower right side to enable any setting you prefer. It may be specialized on FPS, RPG or a certain game you like to experience with better shadows, brightness or color range. 

The bezels are thin and solid, it still has a bit of chuck in the body as compared to other monitors. But we aren’t complaining as the design is simply clean and neat, not the hot-eyed theme that shouts out gaming.

Tilting vertically would be a different story though, due to the curved body…it’s weird to see the curved shaped from top and bottom closing it. photos are a bit weird to look, but still generally understandable.

Aside from the obviously gaming-centric features, we loved the CGF70 as well due to its accurate colors. It has a dedicated sRGB version for graphic designers for accurate color production, more or less it’s already what we need. The 27 inch for us is just the perfect size for gaming and work.

We just suggest going directly using a Display Port cable to utilize the 120Hz refresh rate and possibly the AMD FreeSync technology if you use one. Overall, we are just a bit sad that the resolution isn’t at 2K for the price of Php31,099 (27″) and Php20,899 (24″).

It’s a bit sad that Samsung didn’t opt to have a NVIDIA G-Sync version for this monitor, we would have been completely sold if there should be one even a considerable jump in price. But still, if you need a monitor that is both good ingaming and work; you won’t go wrong with the Samsung CGF70 Curved Gaming monitor series as they are definitely above their class.