Samsung Edge Blade officially Released – Hungry Geeks

Today, Samsung announced their world’s first smart knife with smartphone features, it is called Galaxy BLADE edge. They stated that it is the “Ultimate cooking companion, made with the modern chef in mind”. With this, Samsung is taking its commitment to culinary expertise and cutting-edge technology to the next level, well literally.

It runs on the latest Android Lollipop operating system with added features, its edge is so sharp and strong that it can act as a chef’s knife. Also, the this could very well render all knives in everyone’s kitchen obsolete.

Samsung says that the Galaxy BLADE edge has unique sensors and features that can improve your cooking and chopping abilities up to 50 percent faster than a normal blunt cooking knives. There’s also a special features just for dicing vegetables and slicing fruits. There’s also a meat thermometer and baking tool for measuring purposes. Also, there’s the finger detection that will ensure that you will never cut yourself again, this will really kill all the knives in your kitchen.

Source: Official Samsung Post

*In case you didn’t notice it, this is an April Fools prank from Samsung



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