Samsung files patent for full screen fingerprint scanning

Vivo may have been the first smartphone manufacturer to release a smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanning with the Vivo X20 Plus UD, but Samsung will be taking the technology further with an in-display fingerprint scanner for the whole screen based on their recent patent.

Credits to LetsGoDigital.

Previously, only a certain part on the bottom portion of the screen can only be used for in-display fingerprint scanning. Samsung’s implementation on their patent, however, will use a standalone low-energy processor, which will handle the scanning. It is said that Samsung’s employment of the in-display fingerprint scanner will be faster and more precise than current smartphones.

The patent also suggests that Samsung may implementing its in-display fingerprint technology on both traditional notch-less smartphones as well as smartphones with notched displays. At this time, there’s no rumored smartphone from Samsung that will have this patent. We anticipate, however, that we’ll hear more of this technology from Samsung once 2019 begins.

Source, Via