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After a short tease on their event last month, Samsung has officially announced their upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch today. The only bad news here is that the company is still not giving out crucial details like pricing and release date – but you can expect that the dates are not that far off. In today’s press release, Samsung has confirmed that their latest Tizen-powered watch will have two variants: the regular Gear S2 and the Gear S2 classing, where the only difference is the watch design.

The Gear S2 Classing features a black finish with a matching leather band, so it gives off premium quality vibes. It is also being positioned on top-tier Android Wear options – competing the LG Watch Urbane and the Apple Watch. The regular variant will be available in a dark gray case with gray band or silver with a white band. Similar to Apple, you will have the power to swap different styles.

The Gear S2 will have a 1.2-inch circular display with a 360 x 360 resolution. It is surrounded by a fully-functional rotating bezel similar to other ordinary watch. It also has a built in NFC for mobile payments – maybe through Samsung Pay (there’s no confirmation about this yet). Samsung is also assuring everyone a great battery life that ranges between two to three days.

On thing you should probably consider is that the Gear S2 won’t have any access to Android Wear’s collection of third-party apps. Although Samsung stated that it will keep you on track with your text, calendars, emails, fitness stats and the latest news. Beyond the built-in apps, Samsung only said that it will work with other developers to expand the ecosystem of what will be available on Tizen.



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