Samsung goes all out Dual-Sim in Flagship lineup – Hungry Geeks

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, it seems tech giant Samsung finally heard the voice of Filipinos for Dual Sim. In our recent trip in their Flagship concept store in SM Megamall, Samsung offers the two new Smartphones in Dual Sim variant as standard. Pretty good news  as this solves the problem of some users who have two sims but wants to carry a flagship phone and makes their flagship lineup more tempting.

Interestingly when pre-ordering the two devices, Samsung also offers a ton of freebies such as wireless charging pad, clear view cover, accidental / theft insurance, micro usb connector, UBER black car ride and extended warranty for up to 2 years. The value of the items offered is around 5 thousand pesos which is a good offer already considering that the Note5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ are both flagship status devices.

Here are the official prices

Galaxy Note5 – Php36,990 for the 32GB

Galaxy S6 Edge+ – Php39,990 for the 32GB and Php44,990 for the 64GB

On the postpaid arena both Globe and Smart have yet to release pricing of their Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ offerings. Most likely the benefits will be the same as purchasing the prepaid package but with network related bonuses. Also in the postpaid offerings, it’s not announced if the units will be also Dual Sim or single sim.

Interestingly a new member of the Galaxy A8 series also appeared in the wild, the Galaxy A8 is the latest member of the A series which features some topnotch performance of 5.9mm thin metal body, 5.7 inch Full HD AMOLED screen, f1.9 16mp camera similar to the Galaxy S6 and an octa-core processor. SRP mentioned in the store was Php24,995 which is considerably good for such thin phone and ample size. We seriously are curious to try this phone out as we think that the price and features are balanced enough to be a good value smartphone.



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