Samsung launches 4K HDR Cinema Theater Screen

    Don’t forget that Samsung is also making other devices aside from smartphones.

    Samsung has unveiled its brand-new ‘Cinema Screen’ specifically designed for cinema theaters.

    As the first-ever theater-sized High Dynamic Range LED display, Cinema Screen promises “unprecedented picture quality” with “higher vibrancy and accuracy” than anything your eyes have previously seen. They are launching the new movie display in a series of demonstrations between March 27 and March 30 in theaters at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

    Specifically designed for the modern blockbuster experience, the new display tech easily accommodates modern theater dimensions, delivering magnificent picture quality at 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels).

    In addition to this, the screen also exceeds the highly-esteemed DCI standards for reliability, technical performance and quality in digital cinema.

    Thanks to the direct-lit LED tech powering the display, Cinema Screen has the capacity to offer peak brightness levels nearly 10 times higher than standard cinema projectors.

    With this, we might see these cinema theater screens in our local cinemas in the near future. Exciting, right?

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