Samsung says to remove screen protectors on Galaxy S10

    It seems that some users are reporting issues with the Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint recognition when using a screen protector. The brand has advised its customers to remove their screen protectors in order to prevent further issues.

    Issues stem from the Samsung Galaxy S10 series and Note10 series unlocking after recognizing 3D patterns appearing on certain silicone screen protecting cases as the user’s fingerprints.

    Samsung advises its customers to remove the cover, delete existing registered fingerprints, and newly register the fingerprints of their customers.

    Samsung is already working with a software update to remove or at least alleviate this issue on the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

    Although the issue seems more apparent in the recent weeks, case maker Armadilotek has already stated that screen protectors might not optimally work with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series back in January 2019.

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