Samsung smartphone bursts in man’s shirt, third-party battery blamed

    Calm down, it’s not the Galaxy Note8 or any recent releases from Samsung. It’s actually a Samsung Grand Duos released back in 2013. The reason it exploded on a poor Indonesian man is because of a third-party component.

    The component in question is a third-party battery. One, that had not been manufactured by Samsung or a company authorized by the Korean giant. A formal statement has been issued to CNET saying: “We sincerely wish for our customer’s swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung’s genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products.”

    It seems that Samsung is off the hook for this particular debacle. This isn’t the first issue that Samsung’s name was dragged through the mud because of a faulty component. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had several incidents last year. Even Apple’s own iPhone 8 Plus has been seen having battery problems.

    Hopefully, we’ll have safer and better alternatives to batteries in the near future. Both Samsung and LG have been developing explosion-proof batteries that could come to smartphones in just two years.

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