Save up to 80% on gadgets at the MacPower Sale! – Hungry Geeks

Christmas is just around the corner we have already seen various sales around the metro. But one sale to look forward too is MacPower Marketing Corporation’s Mega Sale, composed of more than 14 brands of gadgets that are 80% off ranging from accessories, speakers, powerbanks and even MAC accessories.

MacPower’s Mega Gadget sale will be from September 28-30, 2016 10AM to 9PM at the Alpha Land Makati Place. For better management of the sale, Mac Power encourages attendees to register online via this link to avoid inconvenience. Don’t worry as registration is FREE and it serves as your entrance.

We will be going to the event to see what are the actual items for sale, so stay tuned to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts to see!



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