Save up to PhP 7,890 in audio gear with The Grand Marshall Sale

    Marshall is treating all audiophiles out there with The Grand Marshall Sale. Until December 30, 2019, those who are looking to upgrade their listening experience can get up to PhP 7,890 in savings on select items.

    Major items will be up for grabs in The Grand Marshall Sale. Here is the list of participating items as their original price and discounted rate:

    Item Original Price Discounted Price
    Action II Voice with Google Assistant PhP 19,990 PhP 14,990
    Stanmore II Voice with Google Assistant PhP 26,990 PhP 21,990
    Mid ANC Bluetooth Headphones PhP 16,990 PhP 14,990
    Monitor Bluetooth Headphones PhP 13,990 PhP 11,990
    Minor II Bluetooth Earphones PhP 8,490 PhP 6,490
    Major III Bluetooth Headphones PhP 7,890 PhP 5,890

    Those who will buy a Marshall Stockwell II for PhP 16,990 will also get a Major III Bluetooth worth PhP 7,890 for free. These deals are now available at Beyond the Box and Digital Walker stores. You can also check out the Marshall Kiosks at the 3rd floor of Uptown Mall for other amazing deals.

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