Samsung screen protector and case maker Armadilotek has tweeted that screen protectors might interfere with the functionality of the under the display fingerprint scanner of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

Armadilotek Vanguard for the Samsung Galaxy S10 currently on pre-order.

Samsung will be using a brand new ultra sonic technology on their under the display fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+, which are supposed to be better and faster than current in-display fingerprint scanners in the market.

Armadillotek says that they have tested its cases with screen protectors on the Samsung Galaxy S10. It seems that the fingerprint scanner won’t work properly with the screen protector installed. This means that Armadillotek will be removing its built-in screen protector from the Vanguard for the S10, and presumably, the S10+.

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