Select PLDT Home customers receive Speed Boost for Free

    We recently got an SMS from PLDTHOME saying that we’re qualified for a FREE speed boost for staying with the internet service provider. We simply clicked on the link and got directed to a page to insert our PLDT home landline number.

    Once you input your home number and got verified, an SMS confirmation will be sent to your registered mobile number in order to confirm for the speed upgrade. Lastly, an email confirmation will be sent via the registered email to confirm for the speed upgrade.

    Upon confirming the email, you will get an SMS for the confirmation of speed boost to be implemented within 24 hours. In our experience, we got the confirmation of the speed boost in just 12 hours and our 50Mbps line is now 100Mbps for the same price of 2899 a month.


    Checking online as well seems that other subscribers also got the same offer to get the speed boost and its a welcome gift for us to start the ber months in a high note. Postings on Facebook also spreading now about being bumped to the next plan. Like with Ako si Pepper from 200Mbps upgraded to 300Mbps.

    Seems it pays to update your personal information with PLDT as well if we haven’t updated our contact information in their database…then we won’t probably get this free speed boost offer.

    How about you? Did you get an SMS from PLDT Home? Go check your registered number and you might be one as well and just forgot it in your inbox.

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