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Here in HungryGeeks, we recently started to provide more and more content to our readers. The next phase of our blog is video, but video isn’t just simple as a snap of a finger as it will need some equipment.

Recently, we discovered the site while browsing online. The site is a singular platform to help shoppers buy and ship their favorite buys and enjoy great deals and lower retail prices of goods in the US from sites such as Amazon, Adidas, Nike, Macys, Zappos, Walmart and more.

So we tried to find prices of the things we need such as a GorillaPod by Joya, Single Aluminum tripod, Comparison Slider for photos, Micro SD Card, Camera Holder and more. What’s good about this is that we are getting international prices which is usually cheaper than local prices.

We even found out is that the main unit we want which is the Joby GorillaPod is even cheaper as compared to local online sites. Uskoop gave me a Php4,143.51 price as compared to Lazada’s Php8,457.50, that’s around 49% savings in money!

This tripod is a gold, this is the same one used by the best youtubers like Casey Neistat!

But since we were in the mood to search around, we tried looking for rare finds and just drool over them as we know its just a click away. Like what? A Google Pixel phone for around Php50,000 pesos is not bad for a rare phone right now.

But seriously, what’s good about Uskoop is that the declared price is final including insurance, taxes computation for the customs for a hassle free estimation. So, this means that in 10-15 days you can get it right as it is delivered to your home!

No more hassle of going to the post office due to declaration or additional fees, which leads mostly to more days of delay in the customs. Plus this isn’t those ship to a US address as Uskoop will be the one to take care of everything, so you save money as well in paying US delivery fee or even taxes.

Here are the brand partners of Uskoop where you can simply buy items, just browse their site and post the link at to get your estimation of price for the delivery, handling, taxes. Conveniently, as an online shop Uskoop has a lot of payment method to choose from such as credit card, paypal. dragonpay and even Citi C2P!

Why not try it out for yourself, just register via and you can can start shopping already this holiday season! As a treat, you can avail their promo code USKOOPTEN% to get a 10% discount on shipping and handling until November 7, 2016.

Get to know their latest promotions as well by following Uskoop PH on Instagram at and on Facebook at

Since we are newbies in shopping online Uskoop is a great solution for people who wants to venture into online shopping like us. As not all items are available in the Philippines, its good to scan around other countries for possibly better equipment. Fortunately, can take care of everything, just simply order, pay and they will deliver your item in your doorstep.



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