Sky Fiber offers 25Mbps All-In Box with Internet + TV Plus + iWant + SkyCable in one for 1499 | News and Reviews

Sky Cable is on a new promotion offering their best package for the content. Their new All-in box now combines the best of Sky Cable, with features to access iWant and TV Plus as well. Of course, it acts as your modem / WiFi router as well to access to fiber internet.

Plans start at Php999 a month a 5Mbps, while their competitive rates are the 25Mbps and 50Mbps for 1,499/mo and 1,999/mo respectively.

While this is a great offer, do take note that the Sky Cable access is still a top-up or on-top fee of the monthly fee. Generally, the device box included can just access your desired Sky Cable plans.

Compare these plans to other competitors, 25Mbps plans start at Php1,899. Generally, Sky Cable has the advantage of providing TV Plus access and iWant Exclusive, while still being 300 pesos cheaper than Globe or Smart.

All plans are required to cashout Php1,499 with a lock-in period of 24 months. Should you decide to cancel your plan earlier, a fee of Php4,000 will be charged to your account. You can check out more details to subscribe here. 

So far the available areas of Sky Fiber are as follows

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