Slow Download Speed On Steam? Here’s How To Fix It

Check other gaming clients

Are you having problems with a slow download speed on Steam? Did it become slower than the usual? Here are some steps that you can increase your download speed:

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1. Check your internet connection

Check your internet speeds
Speeds may not be consistent throughout the day. Check if yours is having problems using test sites.

Probably the basics of the basic. Checking your current internet connection is a must before you go out and tweak other things. You can check your current speed using speed test sites like this one. Sites like this measure your current download and upload speed and its a good way to get a glimpse of the larger picture. Just note that other running applications or terminals can skew the results.

Once you have isolated and confirmed that there are no changes in your connection, check out the rest below.

2. Check if other applications are updating

Check other gaming clients
Change the download settings for your game clients to manual

Similar to the one above, this one’s pretty common. If you have a lot of game clients running on your PC, you might have a couple of them hogging your speed.

A good way to prepare for this is to set up your clients to manually download games. You can also set them to not run during your start-up, prompting you to manually run them if you want to update their games.

Also, note that this is not exclusive to gaming clients. Often times, Windows’ automatic updates are also to blame for your slow speeds.

3. Select a different Steam download server

Slow internet speed on Steam
Having been set to Philippines-Manila caused by speeds to plummet down to 200kB/s

If you have slow download speed on Steam, this might be the culprit. You can change your download server to a different and more stable one if you still have a slow download speed on Steam.

Recently, new Steam servers have popped up here in the Philippines. This meant that Steam automatically chose to tap from those servers instead due to proximity. Knowing the Philippines’ unremarkable internet infrastructure, it’s not too hard to deduce that speeds can leave you wanting.

Thankfully, you can change this one simply tinkering with the Steam application.

How To Change Steam Download Server

  1. Open Steam
  2. Click the “Steam” menu located on the upper left of the window
  3. Choose “Settings”
  4. Go to “Downloads”
  5. Under “Download Region”, select a different server that’s more stable or faster than what is currently assigned. As of now, Singapore and Japan works well here in the Philippines.