Smart 5G Ready Sim Cards now available for sale

    UPDATE: Smart Communications reached to us and provided the statement

    “Actually, we started to deploy 4G SIMs that are 5G-ready last year. What’s new is the packaging. We will soon provide people a simple test to find out if your 4G SIM is 5G ready. Future proofing our SIMs is part of our step by step preparations for the launch of 5G later this year. This is aligned with preparations being done for rolling out 5G in our network as well as for making 5G handsets and devices that are certified for use in the Smart network available for customers interested in moving up to 5G”

    With the recent announcement of Smart Communications to roll out 5G internet with providers Huawei and Ericsson, smartphone stores and kiosks have also started to offer Smart Sim Cards with 5G-Ready branding.

    Online stores such as Facebook Marketplace, Shopee, and even Lazada are starting to have offerings of the new Smart sim card with a 5G Ready branding and a tagline of “Expand What’s Possible”.

    Special number sims with quadruple lucky 7 or 8 numbers are being sold off as much as 33,000 pesos! Considering that some wealthy personalities want an easy to remember number this is feasible indeed to be sold.

    While Smart Communications is still in the line to upgrade its network and offer a 5G signal, it’s still the same dilemma that you need to have the following to experience 5G.

    • Sim – Sim must be 5G Ready
    • Place – Location must have a 5G Cell site to deliver 5G signal
    • Device – Your smartphone must be 5G compatible

    To give a recap, 5G is a short-range wireless signal that can deliver gigabit speeds of both download and upload, which can be beneficial for multiple-device uses and the upcoming boom of IoT devices as well.

    We look forward to Smart to fast track their 5G deployment, hopefully, within the year we can see some major areas can already enjoy this technology. In the meantime, make sure you’re using a 4G SIM already, to make the best out of your data for now.

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