Smart and Nokia successfully test 1st 5G signal in PH – Hungry Geeks

While the Philippines is still shaping up it’s 4G LTE network, it’s good that telcom network Smart already started in experimenting on 5G signal for the next generation of devices.

Smart and Nokia successfully demonstrated a live network of 5G achieving 2.5Gbps using a 100MHz frequency with a latency of just 1 millisecond. While the speeds are even above the fastest consumer fiber line, it’s not entirely meant for consumers anytime soon.

5G is a technology specifically for IOT (Internet of things), this means that devices that need super fast accuracy and big amounts of data transfers like robotics, augmented reality, remote surgery, and even autonomous driving would be possible.

Overall, we can see a house that can be controlled by your smartwatch cause of 5G’s fast data transfers, augmented reality that can replace your PC or TV and even new cars that can travel on their own and communicate to others.

Right now Nokia is also doing 5G test in Europe, USA and China to expedite the service and Smart expects 5G to be ready by 2020.



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