Smart iPhone X – Plans starts at 3,199 monthly | News and Reviews


Let the iPhone X battle begin! Smart’s plans are now official starting at Php3,199 with 9GB data monthly for the most affordable plan. This goes head to head with Globe on their iPhone X Php3,399 with 11GB monthly.

Smart offers similar offers to their iPhone 8 series with data, Unli all-net text, limited all-net calls and one app access monthly.

We made a breakdown for you and as you can see, the plan 1499 with 9GB Data, unli-all net text, and 60mins all-net calls is the most affordable with 1600 monthly for the device.

Though there is a plan 999 with 5GB data, the cash-out for the device must be a one-time payment. Overall, price difference for the 64GB and 256GB variant averages for 11k.

Pricing of Smart for the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and now the iPhone X is pretty straightforward. All plans are 24 months to pay, with even a no cashout payment as the billing for the device is straight to the bill…if you are approved for the application.

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