Smart offers the iPhone 7 with no handset cash-out at Plan 2499 – Hungry Geeks

Smart just recently announced their interest page for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, now they released their ideal plan to be availed for the new apple devices. Thier flagship plans promote no-cashout and super-sizeddata. 

Smart iPhone 7

Not specified what version but we will guess that this is the 32GB version. The Smart iPhone 7 is being offered with No Handset Cash-out for Plan 2499. It has 15GB data, 1 free app access monthly, Unlimited Text to all networks and 80 mins of call to all networks.

Smart iPhone 7 Plus

While on the other hand, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB is available for No Handset Cash-Out for Plan 2999. It has a monster 18GB of data monthly, 1 free app access monthly, unlimited text to all networks and 90 mins call to all networks.

The plans announced are indeed tempting and honestly really good. The no handset cash-out and upsized data of 15GB and 18GB are very good as they are much appreciated by the growing video junkies market.

Update : The handsets are available via 30 months contract with Smart for a total amount for Plan 2499 is Php74,970 and Plan 2999 is Php86,970. No specific details yet if you plan to get the 128GB and 256GB versions.

Visit this page if you want to pre-order the iPhone 7 with Smart.



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