Smart tests out end-to-end SOS dispatch system – Hungry Geeks

Smart communications today just tested their end-to-end SOS Dispatch system which alerts all of their subscribers in a more pressing manner. This is in compliance with RA10639, which is the Free Mobile Disaster Alerts for telecommunications companies.

Just this afternoon, our smartphone suddenly vibrated and produced uncommon siren based sounds to give us a warning message (as seen below). Your phone will be briefly interrupted by a pop-up message and a voice message will also dictate the message to let you hear.

In an event of an emergency, the new system will alert your phone though a series of alarm tones and a pop-up message.

This system could be proven effective in times of disaster like tsunami warnings, flooding or even earthquakes.

The said system is expected to launch this Jan 31 to the public and stay tuned as we get more info about this.



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