Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers can now rejoice as they can now get 1GB more data when registering to Giga Surf 99. This means that prepaid subscribers will now get 3GB of data when registering instead of only 2GB.

To register to Giga Surf 99, you’ll need to text a specific number depending on your carrier:

  • GIGA99 to 9999 for Smart subscribers
  • GIGA99 to 4545 for TNT customers
  • GIGA99 to 247 for Sun subscribers

Aside from the free 1GB of data, Smart has partnered with YouTube to bring up to 1 hour or up to 1GB of YouTube data every day so long as customers are subscribed to data subscription such as Giga Surf 99. You can check out other data promos that can net an additional hour or 1GB of YouTube here.