Sony unveils PS5 logo and hardware features

    Sony and Microsoft are expected to release their new consoles this 2020. At CES 2020, Sony has unveiled the official logo of the upcoming PS5 as well as some of its hardware features.

    The Sony PS5 logo remains largely unchanged from the previous generation of consoles. The trademark PlayStation logo still exists. Basically, they’ve changed the 4 on the title and turned it into 5.

    The more interesting part of Sony’s reveal is the PS5’s hardware features. It seems that the PS5 will be able to produce 3D Audio Sound for a better audio experience as well as positioning. Haptic/Adaptive Triggers will also be used for the new controller.

    An ultra-high speed SSD will ship with the PS5 to improve loading times. No word yet as to what kind of drive but it can be assumed that it may be an M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD. Hardware-based Ray Tracing will be implemented to produce better graphics in future titles.

    Lastly, the Sony PS5 will come with an UltraHD Blu-Ray allowing for users to watch 4K UHD movies in the future with the console.

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