Spotted on Spotify: Pre-Summer Roadtrip Sesh | News and Reviews

10 carefully curated songs from Spotify for your pre-summer roadtrip sesh!

This playlist is carefully curated and tested several times before being published and shared. Most of the songs here were found via discover weekly which is a pretty neat feature for Spotify.

If you love music then there is no reason not to pick up a Spotify premium account on your mobile phone. This play list includes songs from Empire of the Sun, The Chainsmokers, Kaskade, Robin Schulz, and the second appearance of Ted Cadey (Seve) and Coldplay which also appeared on our Spotted on Spotify: Gotta Stay High All the Time playlist.

Enjoy your Road Trip Sesh! ?

  1. Get a designated driver. Preferably a very straight headed person with no road rage and with pass on a good smoke for safety reasons.
  2. Ride the car. Make sure that everyone is comfortable and a Bluetooth or an auxillary cable is available. Powerbanks are a must for long drives.
  3. Relax. Think about the beach, or the breeze, or the party ahead.
  4. Check internet data connection on the phone.
  5. Check if shuffle is turned off.
  6. Enjoy the ride and play the list.
  7. Light up a load! Inhale….
  8. Pass it to the left…. Exhale…

Thank you for listening! Make sure to add this to your list of playlists on your Spotify. Also, I would like to personally thank my brothers from another mother Jed and Quinn for helping me out on this. Follow Jed’s Ultimate Chill playlist!

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