Spotted on Spotify: Gotta Stay High All The Time

    Random 10 songs to listen to while Staying High All the Time.

    This playlist is carefully collected and tested several times before being published and shared. Most of the songs here are personal favorites or have been referred to by friends.

    The playlist includes some notable artists like Lorde, Coldplay, Oasis, Kygo, and The Game. Genre extend from Electronic, to Pop to HipHop, so hopefully if you like to really smoke up and love music at the same time; you’d  probably like this playlist.

    Enjoy! 🙂

    1. Roll some blunt with your home boys.
    2. Everyone sit comfortably.
    3. Relax and stop thinking about the problem/ better yet, finish all stress and work and leave it at the office.
    4. Check on the internet connection.
    5. Check if the shuffle on the playlist is turned off.
    6. Play the playlist.
    7. Light up the blunt… inhale….
    8. Pass it to left… exhale….
    9. Enjoy the rest of the evening…

    Don’t forget to add this playlist on your Spotify account!

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