StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Introduces new Units! | News and Reviews

The final chapter to Blizzard’s StarCraft title is near, Legacy of the Void is opening its closed beta on the last day of this month, March 31, 2015. For StarCraft II fans; better head on to your email account to see whether or not you have been invited to test out the Legacy of the Void.

Legacy of the Void will focus on the Protoss faction with heroes like Zeratul and Artanis in the limelight. Of course; Kerrigan and Jim Raynor will be appearing once again.

New multiplayer feature will be available once this expansion becomes available, this will include daily tournaments called Automated Tournaments; Archon mode which will have two players sharing control of one single base, and Allied Commanders where you control a hero and course through various scenarios; RPG style!


To add to this, there will surely be new units available to play with and some new battle logs to experiment with. Some of the new units would include Cyclone for Terrans, Battlecruisers are now capable of teleportation! For Zerg, Ravager will be their new weapon that could destroy Protoss’ force fields, Lurker will also be back on this expansion. Lastly, Protoss’ army will be buffed by two new units which includes the Adept and the Disruptor.


If you want to sign up for the closed beta; click on here.

You could check out GamesHQMedia’s video here for more in depth information on Legacy of the Void.

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