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Starmobile just dropped us their first Windows hybrid device, the Engage Pro 10. Its good news that more and more local brands are now joining the Windows market, this creates better competition for the market and overall choices for consumers. But let’s check if the difference of Php8,000 pesos (vs an international hybrid) in price can convince you to try out a local branded Windows device.

Here is the specifications of the Starmobile Engage 10 Pro

Starmobile repackaged themselves including the packaging, their packaging now is now color coordinated per series and shows a more simple design. We really liked how Starmobile is now trying more to differentiate themselves from other local brands.

Package comes with standard USB Cable, AC adapter, USB OTG Cable and a delightful addition of an screen protector. We just wished that they already installed the screen protector to avoid hassle of installing it.

Going head on against the Acer Switch 10, ASUS Transformer Book T100 and even the Cherry Mobile Shift, the Engage pro 10 shows a matte finish body which is more appropriate in looks and ergonomically good to hold. Same as the rest, there is no extended battery in the keyboard dock which is quite understandable to cut costs.

The release switch for the dock is a slider, which means clamps are used to hook on together. In our preference, this is better than Acer’s magnetic hinge dock that causes unwanted docking failures. Although we wished that the slider could be a little bigger since its a bit hard to touch as its really near the tablet’s screen.

Given that the tablet is 10.1mm thin and slightly tapered, its able to provide connectivity slots on the left side. The ports are 3.5mm audio jack, Mini-HDMI Output, MicroSD slot, Micro SD Slot, USB 2.0 Slot and AC Adapter. The volume rocker is on the top left side while the power / lock button joins the rest of the ports at the left side. An additional USB 3.0 can be accessed in the keyboard dock as well. We just can’t help it, but we’re annoyed with port labels standing out in the design of the tablet, this creates the impression of non-branded tablets for us and might some find unappealing.

The keyboard could use some adjustments, despite our experience in multiple screen sizes from 10.1: – 15.5″ laptop keyboards, it seems there is something different that’s making us do mistakes more. Travel distance is perfect, but the keyboard key size is a bit smaller that usual which gives wider spaces in between the keys and our finger barely fits one key. For sure we will get the hang of this new keyboard sooner of later

As per the trackpad, we are unfortunately disappointed with its performance as early as now. Usually today, trackpads can handle two fingers without any problem, unfortunately you can’t operate with your thumb at the left click which moving your index finger at the same time. It seems that the whole trackpad has sensors for movement, as standard the bottom part should be disabled  to avoid accidental clicks, rotating or zooming. As a result, we were having problems clicking the trackpad even a left click can move the cursor depending on how you press the trackpad. Hopefully Starmobile address this issue with a software update.

Camera of the tablet is 5mp at the rear and 2mp at the front. This is pretty much welcomed as international tablets like the Switch and T100 doesn’t have rear cameras, it might not be that good but an extra camera is pretty welcomed right now.

The back of the tablet shoes two accent lines, but the right side is removable despite having no labels. Upon checking is a SIM port left out, meaning Starmobile opted not to include a sim slot for the tablet. Our best guess would be that having a sim into the tablet will be impractical and drive prices higher.

Under the hood is an Intel Quad-Core Z3735F processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of Data. Display wise the way the 10.1″ IPS LED screen is colorful enough and gives a good back-light performance. On a fresh install, there is 18.4GB available storage but its still early to tell since Windows updates will surely fill up the 32GB storage. The battery is 7500mAh which is a bit short of 8000mAh batteries of other brands, but we expect the Engage can go more than 8 hours in one charge.

For now, we are amused at the same time impressed with the price of Php11,990. But we will have to check out this device more to give out more details. Stay tuned for our full review of the Starmobile Engaged 10 Pro soon.



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