If you are craving for steak; and unfortunately, you think that eating steaks are quite expensive, and you’d rather wait for a special occasion to consume a perfectly good, juicy meat. Well, worry no more, just head onto the nearest Meat Depot branch.

Meat Depot has two branches, one in Paranaque and a new one in Banawe, Quezon City. I frequent their Banawe branch and I’ve never been to their first branch in BF but Meat Depot is basically a meat shop with a restaurant built with it. They offer a whole lot of meat, from Wagyu Beef, to local corned beef and duck goose which you can just grab from their huge refrigerators. For dining, cooking service of 100Php is billed on top of your chosen meat.

Feel and Ambience

Don’t get your hopes up for a dim lighted, wild west interior steak shop that we are used to. The interios has that upscale meat shop feel, so if your girl is not into the smell of raw meat – just go with a friend.

Meat Depot Meat Shop

Meat Depot prides on quality meat product at the right price, with steaks that won’t break the bank. A foamed layed chair, carpets, dimmed yellow lights, a furnace and nice furnitures are not available to this meat shop/ restaurant. They have white walls, cold and gigantic chillers and wood and iron built chairs and tables.

Order, Selection and Service

I’ve been to Meat Depot’s Banawe branch thrice, ordered Lamb Rack twich and Sirloin once.

Meat Depot Meat Ref

Both tasted great at medium rare cooking level, and both having fries on the side. The selection of meat is extensive, you could choose to check out their pork chop, local or grass fed beef, dry-aged Angus Beef, Japanese Wagyu or Kobe Beef, you could try their US Wagyu, they a long list of kinds of Longganisa, beef tapa, goose liver, corned beef, lamb rack, tenderloin, corned beef, different kinds of sausages, chicharon bulaklak and even salmon steaks.

Meat Depot Self Service Station

Meat Depot is a place to hangout with friends, they even serve wine and beer. For the family, I think children will enjoy picking out their favorite type of meat. It’s a self-service restaurant so don’t expect their crew to start handing out water or to be taking your order – Go pick your meat, and fill up a form and just wait for your name to be called out.

Lamb Rack

Meat Depot’s lamb rack had me for around 370Php. This already includes the spicy pepper gravy, and the crispy french fries as side dish. The lamb meat was very well-seasoned, cooked very well as it was tender and juicy. And to add a dash of hot sauce would complete the whole experience.

Meat Depot Lamb Rack

Hands down one of my favorite dishes. And I recommend this to everyone who will be visiting Meat Depot.


A different taste from the lamb rack. This one has more barbecue sweetness rather than peppery saltiness. Though, I still prefer the taste of the latter, this one has more fat and juicer meat to take up. I coughed out around 540Php to get this dish.

Meat Depot Strip Loin


Meat Depot’s meat is priced by the weight, just like what you see in supermarkets and wet markets. This means that depending on how big your steak is, or how hungry you are is the price you would pay for. Some steaks go for 2,000Php ++ and can be consumed by two individuals and dishes like corned beef or sausages just goes for 200Php to 300Php. Meat Depot’s best seller, apart from the steak are their pork shops, liempo, and chicharon bulalak which are priced at 230Php to 300Php.

Menu and Price

As much as we want to post their extensive menu listing that Meat Depot gave us, we opted not to post it as they have different offerings every day. Although some meat of steaks, chops, and sausages are always available – lamb, salmon, and other products are not always available. So it is best to visit their branches in BF or in Banawe to check what meat are available.


This is a very recommended place for your dad or your big brother looking for a casual Sunday lunch… or brunch. Meat Depot is great place too for the barkada or a casual date run for steak. Their meat is top quality, and cooking service is great. Don’t expect much of any types of service around as they follow self service policy. It’s pretty easy to learn as they have station signs to know how it works.

If you want to learn more about Meat Depot, you may visit their facebook page here. You may also contact them for whole sale purchase if you are planning to cook for a fiesta or if you are trying to open a steak restaurant.