Steve Aoki’s New “End Like This ft. RUNN” Music Video Further Expands Arknights’ Story

End Like This Cover

After the official release of the collaboration song “End Like This ft. RUNN” by two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Steve Aoki and acclaimed Dutch DJ Duo Yellow Claw, Arknights finally launched the full version of the animated music video, revealing the continued journey Amiya and Rhodes Island proceed.

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Similar to the last music video “Last Of Me ft. RUNN” by Steve Aoki, Arknights produced a special animation for this collaboration song, showcasing the heart-pumping battle between Rhodes Island and Sarkaz warriors. Both the soundtrack and the music video of “End Like This ” are inspired by Arknights storyline Episode 7 – “The Birth of Tragedy”. 

Expands The Story Of Arknights

Arknights End Like This MV

Continuing from the last music video “Last Of Me”, where introduced Lungmen City and experienced FrostNova’s struggle, Arknights introduces more about the world of Terra in “End Like This ft. RUNN” by expanding new plots, territories, and characters. Through the video, time is framed in the climax of the battle. With the intense fighting being visualized into animation, fans will be able to walk through the journey with Amiya again to witness the riot in Nomadic city Chernobog, with Rosmontis using her power to fight against enemies, and nevertheless, the growth of Amiya in the final battle with Patriot. 

Like Steve Aoki mentioned in his greetings to Arknights players, this theme song brings Arknights’ music video collaboration to a new level. The music video fits well with both lyrics and beats, ensuring all audiences to experience the immersive world of Arknights. Whether being an Arknights fan or not, everyone  will sync with the story and feel the emotions of each character.

“End Like This ft. RUNN” has successfully completed the final piece of Arknights 2020 music roadmap. It all started with the first soundtrack “Save Us From Ourselves” by Bear Grillz, one of the talented musicians under Dim Mak, Steve Aoki’s music label. Moreover, the appearances of Yellow Claw and Steve Aoki enriched Arknights community and attracted a wider variety of audiences.

More Collaborations Songs In 2021

Now with this new collaboration song, Arknights global server has presented six collaboration soundtracks to players. Along with the track, players can identify the core of each event. In the year 2021, more collaboration information is on the way and will be unveiled.