Tamiya commemorates the Philippine Jeepney with the mini 4WD Dyipne

    Tamiya has partnered with The Brickyard By Lil’s Hobby Center to commemorate the Philippine Jeepney with the Tamiya mini 4WD Dyipne.

    Based on the traditional design of our most famous mode of transportation, the Tamiya mini 4WD Dyipne encapsulates everything that makes it Filipino. From its bright red colors to the silhouettes of the drivers and passengers, the only thing that the Dyipne needs is a barker to call passengers.

    Not only does the Dyipne come with a traditional design but it is also manufactured in Cebu. This allows the mini 4WD to have a Filipino design but Filipino roots as well.

    The Brickyard By Lil’s Hobby Center will spotlight the Dyipne in the Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge from June 20 until June 23, 2019. Around 250 to 300 competitors from 10 countries will come to see who reigns supreme. The winner of the challenge will be able to compete in Japan in November for the Tamiya World Championships.

    The Tamiya mini 4WD Dyipne will be available on June 6, 2019 exclusively via The Brickyard By Lil’s Hobby Center located at the 3rd level of Glorietta 2. Estimated price for the Dyipne ranges around PhP 700 to 800.

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