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Sometimes we go to a mall and we think to have a unique buy and mostly when we look accessories for our gadgets, we always think to stand out by looking for the most unique ones around. But with the mall flooded with tech accessories stores that sells the same item over and over, you get tired and just simply pick the “Common one”.

To ease up your search for your unique gadget hunt, TechVendo is a growing gadget accessory store that specializes on the unique, cute and impressive gadgets that are sure to make you a conversation starter.

Recently we visited one of their branches and were impressed of their lineup, thus we asked the owners of TechVendo to explain more why their stores are unique. Here are some questions we asked

1. What is TECHVENDO and how it set itself apart from other tech stores? 

“TechVendo is more than awesome.Our Brand Driver is discovering awesome in tech.

We find the awesome feature on top of the features which is already being offered by our competitors.Customers must have that “awe” moment when seeing our products. The “awe” experience will then be relayed when the customers show it to his friends and family.We also offer the awesome 360 support wherein we are available 24/7 via our website or facebook account. We also have the edge because we are one of the first ones who offer COD, Credit card payment via our stores and website.”

2. Do you have any brands do you exclusively bring in the Philippines?


-it is our own brand here in the Philippines exclusive by Tech Vendo -locally designed and made from real wood  (old design: cherry & walnut; New design: Rose wood and bamboo) -Manufactured/Imported from other country. Wood is from tree farms to it is environmental friendly. -laser engraved for intricate design 1ACCESSORIES (all products 3 months warranty) -AWB ALL WEATHER BAG : 100% Waterproof bag with IP-X-8 Certified up to max of 20 meters (3hours )  -ONE FLASHDRIVE : 3in1 USB OTG for IOS, ANDROID and WINDOWS
-1PULSE : Your perfect functional phone back pack (card/cash holder, phone stand & earphone holder)
-1MOUNT : Magnetic Car mount phone holder (perfect in using waze while driving Various powerbanks that are cute and functional

“We cater to all gadget lovers both tech savy and non-tech savy, mostly our specialty are more of mobile gadget accessories”

4. Does TechVendo have an online store?

“Yes we have at and we just recently have also COD purchase option for Metro Manila customers”

5. In all the stores in the metro, why TechVendo?

“TechVendo basically offers the awesome and easy experience for the customers. We assure that our sales personnel relays product features in such a way that a non tech person would understand.  E.g. Rather than telling that transfer speed is 4mbps, we tell the customer that the transfer rate based on 1 movie per minute (for USB OTG product). We also offer our customers the convenience of either choosing mode of delivery (COD, CC, bank deposit) as well as able to experience our products in our retail stores and multiple bazaars.”
Mostly that’s it! In all the gadgets that TechVendo carries, we got interested in their Emie PowerNote which is a powerbank that can fit into a binder or folder. So your powerbank fits along with your books / laptop / tablet. Cause mostly of the powerbanks today are bulky and just ruins the form of your bag. As a treat for reading this article, get a Php300 discount coupon when you purchase in techvendo online with the promo code “300TVHG“. Stay tuned here in to see more of cool products from TechVendo as we try to review some of them!



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